Roundup relies on collegiates to help this event run smoothly. While working hard, they also have quite a lot of fun -- just ask one!


Please download our Collegiate Application Form (Roundup Collegiate Application 2018.docm) for the January 2019 Roundup. Due September 15 to William Trieb AND Melissa Barton.

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Comments from Past Collegiates

As a longtime 4-H member from Nebraska, I had never been to the Western Roundup or the National Western Stock Show before going to be a collegiate staff member. I cannot think of a better way to spend the end of break before spring semester. Colorado and Wyoming students worked together for an entire week for a successful conference. The other collegiates were great, and helped make it a memorable experience. We did everything from running registration and setting up contest rooms, to being dance chaperons and escorting livestock judgers, which included monitoring the bathrooms while they were giving reasons. Our main responsibility was to help Melissa with random errands and keep her in check. It was a demanding week, and she did a great job organizing it and making everything run smoothly. She is awesome, full of great energy, and one of the best people I have had the opportunity to work with. I hope to do it all again next year. — Tabby Christner, University of Wyoming

As a collegiate the Roundup experience is remarkable! I was able to make great, lasting friendships with fellow collegiates from other states as well as mine. I was also able to network with a variety of other administrators and professionals from all over which helped me to gain a better perspective on the agricultural industry. I also enjoyed meeting and watching the students compete and I am really proud of the youth that are carrying on the traditions! The memories are unforgettable and I look forward to each opportunity I have to help with this awesome gathering! — Chaley Paulson, Montana State University

It is an incredible opportunity to attended and even help with. It opens up great opportunities to exercise excellence in leadership and management, all qualities learned from 4-H. The best part about Roundup is the chance to interact with other motivated collegians and enthusiastic 4-Hers from all over the western United States. You must be fully dedicated and willing to work long hours, but in the end you gain a group of friends and contacts that will help you become and see you as a qualified and unique individual. Besides, the cheesecake is great!!! — Shonda Anderson, Colorado State University

FFA/4-H Roundup is a great way to be involved on the collegiate level. We all miss those experiences of being an active teenager, but this is an awesome week on the other side of things! — Krystle Christner, University of Wyoming

Roundup is a wonderful experience that allows you opportunities to work with other college students and with youth from all around the country. It is a lot of work, but it is worth every minute of your time. I attended Roundup as a delegate in my 4-H days and loved the experience. I have gone to Roundup as a collegiate member twice and hope that I have another opportunity. — Amber Mathisen, University of Wyoming

It brought back memories to my childhood in 4-H. It was an honor to be helping kids reach their goals and seeing the excitement on their face. We, as the collegiates had such a blast! It was a once in a lifetime memory for me! — Nikki Thompson, Dickinson State University - North Dakota

Western National Roundup an amazing time! The interaction with Collegiate 4-Hers from across the country is a memory not soon forgotten. It is long hours, a wonderful time, and a lifelong memory all in one action-packed crazy few days, and I recommend it to anyone that is interested. — Michael P. Macklin, Colorado State University

Roundup is a great opportunity for Collegiate 4-Hers to not only advertise their existence and various colleges, but also to meet new people from all over the United States and parts of Canada while helping the 4-H program. Many young 4-Hers believe that their career in the youth program ends with their high school graduation. Here, we can show them that it does not have to and give them an idea of what it is we, as collegiate 4-Hers, do. It is also a time for us to get to know others from different colleges, learn about the similarities and differences between our various clubs, make new friends, and enjoy a weekend together. It is education, useful for promotion purposes, and enjoyable all week long. — Marrisa Barber, Colorado State University

My experience at the 2006 Western National 4-H Round-Up was truly one of a kind. As a Junior at The Ohio State University, majoring in Agricultural Education, 4-H was my passion growing up and still continues to be. The opportunity was mentioned at an Ohio State Collegiate 4-H Club meeting and I applied the next day - the only Collegiate from Ohio State, I was a little hesitant about what was to come when I stepped off of my 3 hour flight from Columbus to Denver Airport. I didn't know anyone! But I quickly met people from all over "That Side of the Mississippi River" such as Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, and of course Colorado. While I continue my studies to become a Extension Educator for 4-H Youth Development in the State of Ohio, I have now been able to network with 4-H educators and leaders from California, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona - obviously this would not have been possible had I not jumped at the opportunity to travel to Denver and become a Western National Round up Collegiate Assistant. I look forward to making the return trip to Denver in January 2007 and I hope to see you there as well! Take it from me, a Collegiate who didn't know anyone at all, going thousands of miles away from home to experience the unknown - it truly was an opportunity every dedicated 4-H member should take advantage of! — Laura R. Schaller, The Ohio State University

Experiencing Denver and some of the surrounding area was a blast! Working with college students from North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Montana proved to be a great mini-vacation before the start of the spring semester. While developing organization, teambuilding and other important skills in the workplace, we were also able to interact with each other and have a great Western time. 4-H continues to be the best at building the leaders of today and tomorrow. — Ty McDonald, Montana State University

I was a long time 4-Her in Colorado, and I was fortunate enough to attend Round-Up for various contests, but I had a lot of fun being a collegiate 4-Her. While at the conference, we helped with the various contests and with registration and were just there to answer questions and such. It was a great way to end winter break before going back to school. I was able to help with the horse classic, which is what I participated in as a 4-Her. Roundup is a great experience and a lot of fun! — Tiffany Mead Northeastern Oklahoma A&M

Roundup is a wonderful learning and growing experience whether as a delegate or a collegiate. As a collegiate however one is able to see the effort and hard work that goes into putting on the event. You grow by learning how an event is organized, planned, and put into action. Not only did the collegiate helpers learn we had a blast. It is almost a mini conference, where you work extremely hard, for collegiate 4-Hers. You meet many other wonderful collegiates and are able to build great memories, contacts and friends. We may not eat much, sleep much, or walk much (only run), but we have a darn good time doing so!!! — Kelsey Roop, Montana State University

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