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Horse Industry Handbook Updates

ATTENTION: For Horse Bowl and Hippology teams, be sure to include the 2014 Horse Industry Handbook updates in your study materials. Visit the AYHC store at to order your updates today (More info on ordering and what's new in the Handbook)

Schedules and locations of Horse Classic events

Dates, times, and locations of the coaches meetings and the contests themselves will be posted when they are available. Please always see the schedule page which is kept up-to-date.

An explanation of Eligibility for Eastern National and Western National 4-H Horse Contests

Contestants (including team alternates) may participate in only one contest per year at the Classic. After competing in this contest, they are ineligible to compete in the same specific contest again. Contestants must not have competed in this contest in past Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundups in Louisville or the National 4-H Horse Classic - Western Division in Denver.

States may participate in only one event, either Eastern National 4-H Roundup or Western National 4-H Roundup. If a State decides to change whether it will attend the Eastern or Western National Contest from its participation the previous year, the Contest Management Committee of both events are to be notified of the decision by April 1 of the current year. All representative teams from a state must attend that same event. Read this memorandum from Dr. Lauxman, Director, 4-H National Headquarters for more information.