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14 years and 8,351 photos - All Free to Download

Your registration includes the services of a Event Photographers, and electronic access to ALL photos made. In addition to contests, events, tours, workshops, and activities, the Photographer is also available to do portraits and impromptu group, family, and individual shots - just ask!

Year-specific links

The links on the right hand side of this page will take you to "collections" pertaining to particular years. Navigation is easy from there. (or you can use the following shortcuts for the January 2020 event:)

Browse All Photos

Visit the Western National Roundup page on Flickr at to browse ALL the photos. Click 'Albums' under the header to see groups of photos organized into Albums. (most recent sets are listed first, but you can use this to go all the way back to January 2007). Navigate these albums to find your state, award, banquet, or contest photo. To view larger sizes, just click the image. Click the "down arrow icon" below and to the right of the photo to be able to download any size you like.

Note that this site also contains photos from previous years' events; be sure you're looking at the set for this year.

You may download as many photos as you wish, at small large or very large sizes, and share with family, friends, local newspapers, and the like, as well as print on your own.

Downloading from Flickrdownload icon

You are free to download images from Flickr. From any page showing a photograph, click the "down arrow icon" button, and choose the size you like (the larger the better!).

These photo files do not contain a copyright watermark or hidden copyright data, so you will be able to print them on your own or take them to a retailer for printing. If you will be printing, it's best to download the largest size available.


Please don't hesitate to e-mail the photographer, at

Please also visit the Photographer's portfolio site, at