Level Up Your Leadership


Theme for January 2017

Level UP Your Leadership

Level up and LEAD! Your challenge is to excel! Learn to lead and build your self-confidence by improving yourself - level by level - at Western National Roundup. Workshop presenters and speakers will help build your skills to execute the combos necessary to 'level up' your leadership and teach you how to help others 'level up' as well! Be prepared for national-level competitions and having fun with our theme by dressing up Saturday night in "Video Game" style. This can be anything from your favorite video game t-shirt to coming as Mario or Ms. Pacman.

Though dressing up for the theme is not required, it is a lot of fun when you do! We want you to focus on getting to the next level of YOU. And hope to inspire vision and motivation to tackle the next challenge and never stop improving! With commitment, your goals can be achieved. It will take your leadership to the next LEVEL!

We are excited to welcome you to the 2017 Western National Roundup, we look forward to seeing everyone!

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