Workshops and Keynotes at Roundup


As a conference, Western National Roundup includes various workshops throughout the days on Friday and Saturday, since most contests do not run solidly through both days. See the schedule for exact times and locations.

Conference workshops focus on team building, leadership, and personal development.


Kyle WillkomFriday Banquet Keynote Speaker - Kyle Willkom

Kyle has been speaking professionally for the past 8 years, and his messages have reached tens of thousands of people in 46 states. He delivers messages on positivity, leadership, and action through his use of musical comedy and engaging personal stories. Kyle is the founder of Action Packed Leadership and the author of two books on leadership, Wake Up Call and The Thinking Dilemma. He has run 6 marathons on 3 different continents, been the first employee of a million dollar marketing startup, and led service trips to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He trained in the military for a year and was a division one basketball walk-on at Marquette University. Through his out-of-the-ordinary life experiences, Kyle encourages others to use his successes and failures to live their own action-packed lives.

Heather SchultzThursday Orientation Keynote Speaker - Heather Schultz

Keynote Description: Power Through, Embracing a Resilient Mindset: Throughout her years on stage, Heather has discovered her passion for telling stories—stories that touch hearts and make an impact. The stories she tells are her actual life experiences, so participants will have never heard anything like this before. Her authentic and impactful message will empower you. Her programs focus on team building, leadership, and personal development. Heather will help you to embrace a resilient mindset and to see failures as an opportunity... an opportunity to learn, grow and rebound stronger and wiser. Life is full of challenges, but how you face those challenges can have a ripple effect on your life. Heather will teach you how to ensure this effect is positive. This is a message for all people of all walks of life!

Heather Schultz loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, dogs, photography, silly jokes and teenagers. Heather was a baton twirler in High School and often twirled with fire until she caught the football field on fire and her school banned her from twirling. She has worked with HBO, appeared in People Magazine, on numerous radio and television specials. Her book titled, Live Extraordinary, is a favorite among teens. She has spoken in 49 states and 7 other countries. Heather attended Central Michigan University and has a degree in the field of nursing.



Workshops and Workshop Leaders

Becca Kronenbitter

Resume Writing—Friday Morning (see schedule for exact times)

Having worked as a Career Advisor and Counselor for the past 7 years, I am passionate about supporting high school and college students as they explore career interests and prepare for job and internship searches. I love seeing confidence and opportunities increase when people learn how to describe their accomplishments and skills in detail on their resumes.

Brandon Lee WhiteBrandon Lee White

Building Your Life—Friday Morning (see schedule for exact times)

In this workshop, participants learn how to build an awesome life. Starting with owning who they are, they complete a fun and interactive personality assessment, providing insight to their individuality and how it relates, or conflicts, with others. Next, students pull insight from popular movie clips as they are asked, "If you are the main character in your movie of life, what would you like to see that character do next?" Finally, participants finish with an actual swing dance lesson to put the concepts learned into action with courage and teamwork. Let's build! Learn more at

Beka Crocket

Interviewing—Friday Afternoon (see schedule for exact times)

As a dedicated opportunist desiring to connect seekers with opportunity and providing efficient, quality services, Beka assists customers on career and life transitions while engaging with organizations on recruitment strategies and internship development. This workshop will focus on interviewing skills that will help you land your dream job.

Shannon McKain

Four Pillars of Leadership—Friday Afternoon (see schedule for exact times)

In this workshop, Shannon teaches the Four Pillars of Leadership for any young adult to be the absolute best. From serving on countless leadership boards, to living on a canoe studying situational leadership (think Survivor without the camera crew!), Shannon is no stranger to leadership. This workshop will include interactive and fun exercises studying four areas of leadership crucial for anyone.

Kyle Willkom

Living an Action Packed Life—Saturday Morning (see schedule for exact times)

A fun-filled, action-oriented workshop highlighting the thoughts and actions that lead to the highest levels of long-term happiness.

Heather Schultz

Live. Laugh. Lead.—Saturday Morning (see schedule for exact times)

This workshop is very interactive and gets everyone up and moving. It teaches how to meet and greet, approach people and bring people into the fold.

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